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投标文件的编写 Preparation of Bid Documents
1. 要求
1.1 The Bidder shall carefully read all contents contained in the Bidding Documents and shall submit the bid documents, make substantial response and guarantee authenticity of all information provided as required by such Bidding Documents; otherwise, the bid may be rejected.
2. 投标语言及计量单位
2.1 The bid documents prepared by the Bidder and all correspondences and documents relating to the bid exchanged between the Bidder and the Tenderee shall be all written in Chinese.
2.2 除招标 文件另有规定外,计量单 位应使用中华人民共和国法定计量单位(国际单 位制和国家选定的其它计量单位)。
3. Components of Bid Documents
3.1 商务投标文件:
Letter of Bid, Summary Sheet for Bid, Schedule of Bid Prices, Bid Bond and other commercial contents for explanations considered necessary by Bidders.
3.2 技术投标文件:
Applicable to bidding for procurement of Goods
(1) 成套设 备技术方案及说明、设计文件;
(2) Description of technical performances for main outsourced equipment;
(3) 装备能 力资料及主要配套设备制造厂装备能力(如是联 合体投标需提供各方的装备能力);
(4) Schedule of technical performance deviation;
(5) 商务条款偏离表;
(6) List of source and outsourced parts and materials;
(7) 同型号 或同类型设备使用业绩表(如是联 合体投标需提供各方的业绩情况);
(8) List and description for special tools, delivery attached spare parts or list of spare parts otherwise required by the Tenderee;
(9) 投标资格证明文件、联合体投标协议(如是联合体投标的)、财务状况证明(如是联 合体需提供各方的财务状况);
(10) Certificates that the subject Goods meet the provisions of Bidding Documents and other contents for explanation as considered necessary by the Bidder;
适用于 服务采购招投标
(1) Qualification of service personnel;
(2) 技术方案及说明/设计文件;
(3) Information about capacity of main equipment used;
(4) 技术情况偏差表;
(5) Deviation Form of Commercial Terms;
(6) 同类型服务的业绩表(如是联 合体需提供各方的业绩情况);
(7) Bid qualification certifications, joint bid agreement (in case of the consortium bid), certificates of financial status (providing financial position of each party in case of consortium bid);
(8) 投标标 的符合招标文件规定的证明文件及投标人认为需加以说明的其它内容;
3.3 The technical bid documents shall not contain any bid price information and other commercial information; otherwise the Bidder shall be solely responsible for any loss caused by disclosure of commercial information.
4. 投标文件格式
4.1 The Bidder shall fill in the Letter of Bid, Summary Sheet for Bid, Schedule of Bid Price, etc. according to Exhibits of the bid documents provided in the Bidding Documents.
4.2 投标人 必须就全部招标物资/服务投标,招标人 不接受只对其中一项或几项物资/服务投标。
4.3 With regard to the technical and commercial requirements in the Bidding Documents, Bidders shall respond item by item, and describe “satisfied” or “deviation”. And Bidders can also use textual description.
5. 投标报价
5.1 Bidders shall quote breakdown prices and total price according to the format of Summary Sheet for Bid and Schedule of Bid Prices according to the scope of supply and responsibility specified in the BIT documents. The Bidder shall be allowed to quote one price for each kind of Goods or each item of Services (alternatives may be provided unless otherwise specially required), and the Tenderee shall not accept any bid price with additional condition.
5.2 投标报 价表填写时应注意下列要求:
(1) Expenses for spare parts, wearing parts and special tools specifically required in the technical specifications (or the Bidder deems necessary to provide);
(2) 技术规格中特别要求(或投标 人认为需要提供)的安装、调试、培训及 其它附带服务的费用。
(3) Special requirements put forward in the service scope, requirements and technical service agreement (if any).
5.3 投标人按上述4.2款要求进行报价,但不限 制买方以其它方式签订合同的权利。
6. Bid Currency
6.1 投标货币为人民币(招标文 件中另有规定的从其规定)。
7. Documents Establishing Bidder’s Qualification
7.1 投标人 的企业法人营业执照复印件(如是联 合体需提供联合体各方的企业法人营业执照)。
7.2 Letter of Authority provided to Goods manufacturers or service providers;
7.3 投标人 法定代表签发的投标授权书及被授权人身份证复印件。
7.4 Qualification certification documents related to matters concerning bid (providing qualification certification of each party in case of consortium bid), including certificates, license, authentication certificate, test report, test qualification, patent license, etc. issued by government organization, administrative department, certification organ, evaluation organization, etc;
7.5 与投标物资/服务有 关的装备能力及设备状况说明。
7.6 Financial position of the Bidder
7.7 提供招 标文件要求的其它有关文件和表格。
8. Technical Response Documents Establishing Goods’ Eligibility and Conformity to Bidding Documents
8.1 投标人 须提交证明其拟供物资/服务符 合招标文件规定的技术响应文件,作为投 标文件的一部分。
8.2 The technical response documents include necessary textual description, data and drawings, and the following data shall be provided;
适用于 物资采购招投标:
(1) Technical points and control procedures for processing and assembly of keys parts of complete equipment or plant;
(2) 保证物 资产品质量的生产加工工艺、质量保 证措施和生产同类产品的业绩情况;
(3) Transportation scheme for large equipment, and assembly scheme for site assembly;
(4) 保证按 期交货的物资制造进度网络图:
(5) All detailed list of spare parts and special tools necessary for guaranteeing normal Goods and continuous operation specified in the technical specifications, including price and supply source;
(6) 安装、调试、技术服 务的内容及时间。
Applicable to Bidding for Procurement of Service;
(1) 保证服 务的一般作业流程、质量保 证措施和提供同类服务的业绩情况;
(2) Key control points, technical points control procedures for provision of Services;
(3) 保证按 期提供服务的进度网络图;
(4) Detailed list of all equipment and special tools required for guarantee of carrying out Services; and
(5) 服务人员资质审查
9. Bid Bond (Applicable  Not Applicable)
9.1 投标保 证金为投标文件的组成部分之一。
9.2 The Bidder shall submit 2% of total quoted price to the Tenderee as the bid bond, which shall be capped at RMB 0.8 million.
9.3 投标保 证金有效期应当与投标有效期一致,投标有效期按10.1款的规定。
9.4 The bid bond shall be used for preventing the risk caused by the behaviors of the Bidder in the bidding.
9.5 投标保 证金币种为人民币(招标文 件中另有规定的从其规定),且须提 交银行现金汇票。
9.6 The bid bond shall be issued in favor of DOC with the account name, bank name and account number as below:
Bank Name:
Notes: In principle, only cash order is acceptable for the bid bond; and the consent of the Tenderee must be obtained if other forms of bond have to be issued in special cases. In case of the telegraphic transfer, the transfer shall not be made in the name of individual; otherwise the Bidder shall accept all consequences by itself.
9.7 任何未 按规定提交投标保证金的投标,将被视为无效投标。
9.8 The bid bond for the unsuccessful bidders will be discharged or returned without interest.
9.9 下列任何情况发生时,投标保证金将被没收:
(1) Bidders withdraw their bids within the specified bid validity;
(2) 中标人未按第34款规定签订合同。
10. Bid Validity
10.1 投标有 效期从招标文件规定的提交投标文件截止之日起,投标有效期为90个日历日(招标文 件中另有规定的从其规定)。
10.2 In exceptional circumstances, prior to the expiry of original bid validity, the Tenderee may request the Bidder to extend the bid validity. The Bidder agreeing to the request of such extension will not be required or permitted to modify the material content of its bid, but will be required to extend the validity for its bid bond correspondingly. If the Bidder refuses such extension, its bid will no longer be valid after expiration of bid validity, but the Bidder has the right to collect its bid bond.
10.3 同意延 长投标有效期的投标人少于三个的,招标人应当重新招标。
11. Signatures and Provisions for Bid Documents
11.1 技术投标文件、商务投 标文件正本各一份、副本各四份。在每一 份投标文件封面上应标明“正本”或“副本”字样,如正本和副本不符,以正本为准。
11.2 The Bidder or the representative duly authorized by the Bidder to bind the Bidder to the contract shall sign in the place requiring signatures, and initial all documents.
11.3 投标文 件应打印并装订成册,并由投 标人或经其正式授权并对投标人有约束力的代笔签字。投标文 件的副本可采用正本的复印件。
11.4 Any interlineation, erasure or overwriting to the bid documents by the Bidder shall be valid only if they are signed by the representative duly authorized by the Bidder to bind the Bidder to the contract.
11.5 投标人 或经其正式授权并对投标人有约束力的代表不得以电话、传真或 网络形式提交投标文件及投标文件的修改文件。

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